One of the things that separates Sherlock from the rest is our team's first-hand experience of the industry.. meet Adam to find out more.

Adam is our Technical Sales & Implementation Manager, responsible for making sure migrations to Sherlock Taxi go smoothly.

More than just sales…

It’s not just about making a sale. Adam is on hand from a customer’s initial contact through to working with clients’ teams to ensuring that Sherlock is configured exactly how their business needs. And his work doesn’t stop there! Adam project manages client go-lives, remotely or onsite and continues supporting teams to make sure they are getting the most out of Sherlock.

Adam is the perfect person to manage Sherlock’s implementations because he has so much experience in the operations side of the industry. Back in 2006, whilst studying, Adam was working part-time in the call centre at one of London’s largest operators. He learnt the business from the ground up and went on to work full-time in a variety of key ops roles at that company, accounts, fleet assistance and customer services, to name a few.

As part of his role, Adam managed a busy call centre of 30 plus staff and oversaw the introduction of auto-allocation which led to a huge expansion in the number of drivers working at the company. All this ops experience meant Adam was perfectly placed to go on to manage product development, becoming responsible for the company’s new system implementation client-side.

Adam was responsible for the company’s transition to a new dispatch system, communicating the business’ requirements to the dispatch provider and liaising with their tech teams to ensure the technology met the company’s needs.

This means Adam is in a unique position as someone who has managed a full system implementation from both sides of the fence!

At Sherlock, hiring a wide range of people with real-world experience of operations in ground transportation is really important to us as it means our team understand the features and technology needed to really drive your business forward.

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