It doesn't have to be a binary choice between doing it yourself and a software company with little knowledge when it comes to your technology

It isn't a choice between doing it yourself or software that fails to meet your needs. How is Sherlock different?

You often find that taxi dispatch systems have been developed by taxi companies looking to control their own technology or software companies with little input from the industry. With Sherlock Taxi, our clients get something a bit different.

Sherlock is unique. Our team developed Addison Lee’s proprietary taxi dispatch solution, Shamrock and this system was used as a starting point for developing Sherlock, a sister solution which is more configurable, making it more suitable for the wider market and differing business needs. You can find out more about our background here:

Why is this important?

Our technical team built Shamrock working alongside Addison Lee’s operational staff which meant that they could automate the decisions that controllers would make on a day-to-day basis, rather than making assumptions based on little operational knowledge. Controllers need to consider the whole operational picture, rather than looking at each individual job in isolation. Our team were able to use this knowledge to develop allocation algorithms which genuinely helped Addison Lee, and now our Sherlock clients, respond to the challenge of efficient allocation at scale. This means our clients have the tools they need to provide superior levels of customer service and care to both passengers and drivers.

Working alongside ops staff to develop features has meant the best of both worlds. Our technical team has been able to create solutions that meet the needs of businesses across the industry with configurable options that mean the software can truly be tailored to individual client requirements. This means our customers can benefit from both technology that meets their needs, and features built by skilled developers – giving them confidence that the system does exactly what they need it to.

Businesses using Sherlock can rely on:

  • A system which solves real-world problems to provide a better service to customers, reduce overheads, provide better visibility over drivers and any other goals you might have

  • A system that is being continuously updated and improved to meet the changing needs of the market

  • Software with features that actually work

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