Sherlock customer, Pewin Travel Group wins two technology awards

Pewin Travel Group recognised for industry-leading technology.

We’re absolutely thrilled to congratulate the Pewin Travel Group, Nairobi, on two recent award wins: Best Ride Hailing App of 2022 at the Digital Tech 100 Awards and Best Online Use of Technology Taxi Company at the 23rd Transport and Logistics Awards.

Pewin first opened in 2007 and adopted Sherlock Taxi dispatch in 2013 to improve efficiency through auto-allocation and streamlining business operations. By enabling auto-allocation, Pewin were able to work more efficiently and manage customer accounts more effectively, improving the overall customer experience.

The Digital Tech Awards 100 is an award programme in Kenya which focuses on the importance of technology as the cornerstone to modern life. Businesses across the globe are continuously adapting to new technologies and Kenya is a leader in Africa’s digital economy with a digital tech sector that is well-established in comparison to other African countries.

The awards recognise excellence in technology with the aim of encouraging innovative solutions across business, enhancing quality standards, and promoting businesses that are leaders in their respective industries.

Pewin was awarded Best Ride Hailing App of 2022 by an independent panel of judges drawn from digital tech consultants, academia, IT professional bodies and industry networks.

The Transport and Logistics Awards have taken place annually since 1999 and are organized by SafetyPlus Consulting Ltd which aims to shape the transport and logistics of Kenya whilst also encouraging and educating the population on road safety. It is associated with training drivers and promoting the development and maintenance of better, safer, sustainable road networks across the country.

Justus Kirigua, CEO of PTG.
We are glad to be part of these monumental awards. They are a clear indication that the work we have been doing for the last five years in the Digital Tech space has not been in vain. We could not have done this without our key partners – Sherlock.

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